Remove Selection Shadow of Combobox

We are having a Vaadin 7.3 Appliction using the Valo-Theme.
We configured some general Valo-Variables to have something closer to a Flat design.

First thing we specify the variables before we import valo to the scss file.

We specifed following variables:
$v-focus-style : 0 0 0.08rem 0.08rem $color_accent_lighterer;
$v-selection-color : $color_accent_light;
$v-shadow : false;
$v-bevel : false;
$v-border-radius : 0px !default;
$v-border-width : 1px;
$v-gradient : false;

The round corners and the shadow is gone for most components. Just the Combobox and Checkbox still have the box-shadow: 0 0 0 2

Anyone a clue why we still have the shadow here? We don’t want any Shadow at all.
Thanks for any clues.

ok my bad, we just needed to change the $v-focus-style to none. Works now