Remove/Rename References to Vaadin Client-Side

Is there an option to remove/rename references to vaadin in the js and html files (client-side, in the header)?

In theory you could check out vaadin from svn, replace “vaadin” with “d09ehcs” and compile. In practice, this might be quite a challenge to maintain.

Why would you like to remove the references?

It would be nice if it were configurable.

Just from a security point of view, it would be nice if things strings/names were as generic as possible in the output.

Unfortunately that would make development and packaging quite a lot more complicated - some of the references are static and will get through the GWT compiler. On the other hand - hiding the technology used is rarely a necessity and in case of larger piece of technology - like Vaadin Framework - it would be quite impossible to make in impossible for an expert to recognize the technology used (from dom structure, communication protocol or other characteristics).