Remove inline styling from v-gridlayout-slot of GridLayout component

Hi Guys,

We have a requirement in our project to remove the inline styling on the cells of a GridLayout without using javascript.

Essentially this means removing the inline style (like style="left: 30px; top: 80px;) on the divs with class=v-gridlayout-slot.

Before I dive into the client-side Vaadin API I would like to ask you guys if there is a more easy way to accomplish this.

If not, could you please point out how to approach this when intervening in the client-side api of Vaadin.

Should I, for example, alter or extend the existing vGridLayout class?

Hope you guys can help me since this is becoming a real bottleneck in our project :slight_smile:


Kim Zeevaarders
The Netherlands






Those are the styles that position each cell correctly; without them, the GridLayout wouldn’t work at all. Why do you want to remove them?

If the in-line styling is a problem for you, maybe you could consider using CSSLayout instead and customizing it to work like a GridLayout using CSS.