Remove all styling from Panel

Hi together,

I have a TabSheet, each tab contains one TreeTable.

Now I’d like to add a key navigation to each TreeTable. I did it with

treeTable.addShortcutListener(new ShortcutListener("ARROW_UP",
		ShortcutAction.KeyCode.ARROW_UP, null) {
	public void handleAction(Object sender, Object target) {
		// ...

but this solution adds the ShortcutListener globally and I need different implementations of handleAction() for each TreeTable.

I know that I could solve my problem when I scope the shortcuts and wrap each TreeTable inside an extra Panel (thanks to
this post

But then I get a new problem: The Panels can’t be overlooked, they appear with all their styling. But they should be rather invisible, their only right to exist is because of the shortcuts.

Can I make them “invisible”, easily and without touching CSS?

Try to say panel.setStyleName(Reindeer.PANEL_LIGHT); It removes borders from the Panel.

Exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much!

My code looks now like this:

VerticalLayout layout = (VerticalLayout) panel.getContent();