Remember User Name and Password is possible or not

How to set remember User Name and Password with out using vaadin login form (usinng textfield and password field)

It’s just not possible (That’s the main reason for the vaadin login form existing at all)


Hi Arun,

As André says, there is no way to remember the user name and password without the use of LoginForm in a standard way, but, you can set a remember me checkbox in your form in order to remember the user logged the next time he/she comes back and when the user checks the remember me, the only thing that you should do is to place a cookie to remember his/her user information, also you can do the same thing but without the checkbox, when the user log into your application place the cookie and in the next visit use the data stored in it.

This “solution” has got some caveats if your users are using the same PC and user to log into the PC, the approach does not applies. But it is only an idea that you could think about.