Remain in the same page and update data when refreshing


I’ve been searching a lot for a solution to this, but I may be missing something because the behaviour I’m looking for is very common.

First, in my UI I had @Scope(“session”) and I changed it to @Scope(“prototype”) because I couldn’t have more than one tab at a time opened. I also added @PreserveOnRefresh so I wasn’t redirected to the main view when I refreshed the page (F5).
But my problem now is that refreshing is useless, as the data within the page is not updated.

What would be the way to be able to have several tabs/windows, remain in the same page when refreshing the browser and at the same time refresh the data within that page?

Thank you!

Vaadin 7.1 (beta is already available) supports a feature called ‘Push’ that can satisfy your requirement. For older versions, you can use a supported add-on like Refresher.