Reloading UI and changes without restarting the project (Spring devtools)

Hi Guys,

I’m a Vaadin beginner just getting started with a simple appliation, having previously worked with GWT some years ago. I want to work with Vaadin and spring-boot, but am having trouble with a very basic concept that I was able to do in GWT and that is to make some UI changes in my IDE then refresh my page and see the changes. I understand the internals are different, but I have seen several people being able to do this on some training videos and the recent Spring-boot Vaadin webinar.

I am using IntelliJ IDEA CE, and am looking for is for someone to give me some detailed steps on how I can make changes and see them without having to restart the entire project. At this stage I just have a simple “Hello world” app that just displays some label.

  • How should I be starting my project from the IDE (run configurations, maven targets, etc)?
  • What should I be including? I started my project through
  • Do you generally have any tips for speeding up development in regards to this topic?


Look at JRebel

I looked at that, but they don’t seem to have a free option.