reload is restarting the entire app

I am using Vaadin 24.1 with spring boot on the back end. I have some master configuration data that the application needs and I am loading it once during the initial start up by implementing onApplicationEvent(ContextRefreshedEvent event) in the class implementing ApplicationListener. When I save the changes, the entire app is restarted instead of just loading the modified classes, causing the onApplicationEvent to be executed every time. Is there a better way to reload the ui after changes without having to restart the entire app as this is slowing down the productivity.

That’s how the Spring Dev Tools work

They reload the context

If you need something better you should look at JRebel

ok, I started using jrebel and it’s lot easier to use Vaadin now. But looking at the cost of jrebel I am not sure if I will be able to use it for long.