Related forms handling and url parameters


I have a form to create users that has a table in it, from where to create different addresses for that user.
The problem is that when I open the address form to create a new address for that user I leave the user edit form view.

How would you solve the problem of going back to the user we were editing/creating? Should I have a parameter in the URL specifying the user id so I can take it and go back to the correct place? Right now I store the user being edited in some kind of session data, but I would like to be able to have different tabs opened, editing different users and that it would still work.

Thank you!


You could edit the adresses in an overlay.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I would prefer to keep it as it is for the user now.
I believe someone must have solved this at some point or a Vaadin expert might have a clue on how to deal with it

If we imagine that the best solution is to have the id in the url, what is the best way? using a parameter or a fragment?


Note that also this is in the fragment - true URL parameters must come before #, like http://localhost:8080/?userid=15#!useraddress .

A fragment change can be handled without reloading the whole page, whereas a parameter change requires a full reload. Therefore, fragments are usually preferred when possibly navigating within the application.

Thanks for the hint Henri, I’ll try it with fragments then.