Hi Jouni,

When more about Reindeermods?:smiley:
Which component?

I like it so much.


Thanks for the interest! I’ll try to find a few hours next week on my community time to make a few additional styles and maybe add a little bit of documentation and more examples.

Any wishes?

Surprise us!

Panel or table may be!


Could anyone help me to change icon? For example, in a button, I would like to change the icon using ThemeResource. Anyhow, I could not put the path correctly or maybe there are some steps I should follow? Please kindly help.

Hi ppor,

First of all, you shoud have your image into the
folder and once you place the image in that folder the only thing you should do is:

Button btnLogin = new Button("Login");
btnLogin.setIcon(new ThemeResource("icons/go.png");

In the snippet I asume that you have an image called
and a folder inside theme called



Hello Javier,

Thanks indeed for the reply. However, it still doesn’t work. I attach you here two snapshot of my directory structure and my code (selected lines).
However, when I run my application, it shows nothing on screen.

I guess the problem happens where I replace theme. So, I also attach you the snapshot of my code in styles.css.

Your help is highly appreciated. thanks :slight_smile:


Hello ppor,

I saw your snapshots and, first of all, which theme are you using? I see suricate (your custom theme) and then reindermoods theme add-on referenced as css import, and then runo in your code…

I think you have a problem with your stylesheets, I recomend you to use only one theme, or in any case use two, the custom and the inherited one.

If you don’t see anything in the browser it could be an issue of your code. In a simple view, I see that you set the size to full in one component, then sets the width of other one to 100%, and then set the size undefined to another…

I recommend you to use the same method to set the size of your containers, remember that if you set the size of a container to undefined it will shrink to their contents, if you set the size to full vaadin automatically sets width and height to 100%.




thanks for your reply.

Well, theme I am using is “reindeermods”. And, I will remove runo then. :slight_smile:

I won’t see anything appear in the browser if I do <setTheme(“suricate”); >

Browser will display my everything as normal if I do < setTheme(“reindeermods”); >

So, I think there could be a problem when I do < @import “…/reindeermods/styles.css”; > in the styles.css while I am trying to repla

What do you think then?

Once again, thanks for your valuable time in trying to help me. :wink: