Reindeer .PSD file available???

Hi Jouni,

first of all thank you for all the hard work you put into the reindeer theme. I really like it. It’s the base theme for our current (big) project that we’re trying to realize with Vaadin. Since it’s a pretty complex UI we’ve got to develop some special components and custom styles (at least buttons, tables, tabs etc. in different colors - and yes, i know “Chameleon”). So I was hoping to find an according Reindeer .PSD file somewhere in the repository - but without success…

However, I found the following comment from you in a discussion on

Now, here is that one person! :stuck_out_tongue:

No matter how unorganized your Reindeer PSD is. I would be just super helpful if you could provide it.

Thank you in advance!

Thanks for the praises and interest! As I said in the comment on Ajaxian, I’m very much willing to publish the source .psd.

Enough talk, here it is:
(8.5 MB )

If you have any troubles with it, just ask and I’ll try to help the best I can.

And BTW, I can publish the Runo theme source file as well, if someone is interested.

Awesome, thank you!