Register all Error Routes from an external Package

Is it possible to let vaadin register all Error Routes ( X implements HasErrorParameter) that we have implemented in a seperate Package and also be able to override it ?

You can only have a single error route per specific parameter type, if you have multiple classes that implement, for example, HasErrorParameter<MyException>, that will cause a failure during application startup

In our package we only have a single Error Route for a specific exception

We just want to skip defining all Error Routes for every Vaadin App we build, e.g:

class NotFoundError extends MyNotFoundError{

So they are automatically picked up from our package

You can create an error view for plain java Exception, which will catch any type that inherits from Exception that does not have a more specific error view

But yeah, you just need to make sure the files are included in classpath scanning when the application starts.

See Configuration | Spring | Integrations | Vaadin Docs