Regarding the JPA webinar to be held Oct 22nd

Hey guys, got a quick question for you:

On my notifications, I saw that you are gonna have a webinar on the JPA Layer with Thomas and Matti, which I am extremely interested to chek out. It also states tha the webinar will be held on October 22nd @ 2PM CET. However, when clicking on the sign up now link, which takes me to the
registration form
, it says that the webinar will take place on December 17th. Which one is correct? And if takes place on the 22nd, will I be signed up if I apply from the December form?

Thanks in advance!

I was not able to attend this webinar due to a family health emergency last week. Is it going to be hosted anywhere, like the vaadin official youtube channel? thanks

I have a feeling that the notifcation was wrong. As you said, the form has it on Dec 17th. and the official
Vaadin calendar
has it there as well. Not either available on the
Youtube channel
where they should be immediately and automatically uploaded after the recording, as it is streamed to Youtube.

Hope you’re able to make it to Dec 17th!