Refreshing data of a Table without using Refresher or IcePush...

Hi all,

I have a table & I try to update one particular cell value every 50milliseconds.
I have done it as follows inside my own Table class (which is extended from Table).

public void setNewValue(long id, int value) {
	Item item = this.getItem(id);

Now my concern is to Refresh (or repaint) this new data
without using the Refresher component or the IcePush component.

Is there a way to do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


No. (Well, except for using the built-in ProgressIndicator polls the server, like the Refresher does). The browser can’t automagically know that something has changed on the server.

The changes will be painted the next time the browser contacts the server, though (i.e when the user interact with the application).

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P.S remember to synchronize on the application instance when updating the UI in a separate thread.