Refreshing Data in a Table

So I have the following UI model:

I have a custom VerticalLayout that has one Panel with 3 components:
1] FileUploadLayout for uploading files
2] Tabsheet (with 3 tabs and each tab has a Table)
3] ButtonLayout (for commit and delete)

The logic flow is where a user uploads an xml file through the upload action and then expects to see the results in one of the tabs in the TabSheet component of the Panel.

The upload works like a charm, but the data never gets updated in the Table on the Tabsheet in question unless I kill the browser and relaunch the application with a new session.
I have tried to put a requestRePaint() on the Upload.SucceededListener() event.

What would be the recommended approach to refresh the data as soon as the upload is successful? The approach I have been taking so far is to try and request a repaint on the table in question within the Upload.SucceededListener() event, but I have not seen an easy way to walk the object graph to get a handle to the table in question.


There is really no reason to call requestRepaint() manually at any point.

Sounds like a problem with the container. Do you update the old containers connected the table, or do you make new containers with the new data? If you make new containers, have you remembered to connect them to the tables with table.setContainerDataSource()?

You mentioned that it works when you kill the session. That will cause a reinitialization of the container and table, so in my opinion everything points to old data is still connected to the table.