Refresher add-on + network temporally down shows communication problem


I am new to Refresher add-on. Just did my first app using it yesterday. My home network is bad, so the PC disconnects from the router every now and then. When I look at my application on PROD server(app refresh every 5 secs), I would get “Communication Problem” every time when the network is down. But the error message remains when the network is up again. I think it is disturbing because the next refresher update works fine. How can I solve/hide the error message? Many thanks!


I don’t think there is something else you can do than press F5 to refresh the screen.

Take a look at the javadoc of Application.CustomizedSystemMessages. You can configure the system to always redirect to a specific URL if a communication problem occurs - not ideal but might be ok in your case.

To make the system handle intermittent network problems more gracefully would require more changes also on the client side - Vaadin 7 might improve the situation there somewhat.