RefreshAll vaadin method not working always

Hi all,
I have a web messaging app which uses vaadin grid.getDataProvider().refreshAll() to refresh the message count when new message is received. The flow gets stuck after deploying it to dev at refreshAll() sometimes. There is no exception/error while checking the logs.

Add a breakpoint there and see where it gets stuck?

It is not reproducable in local. That is the issue I am facing

It works well with single user. But if I am sending messages to multiple users it gets stuck after sometime and I can see the logs till refreshAll . There is no exception/error in the log

Look in your code that fetches the data. Add some logging there.

I have added logging at grid.setItems(DataProvider.fromCallbacks()), which inturn should get triggered after grid.getDataProvider().refreshAll(), but that log is not there, which means I guess flow is not reaching till there

Did you add the logging inside your callbacks?


Next step would then be to try to create a minimal reproducible example

I am not able to reproduce the same issue in local. It is working fine in local. In between I get some UI uncaught exception in local, but that issue is not there in dev.

You should investigate that exception, too

Could be related

At first I thought the same but what is confusing me is that those logs are not in dev logs and ui is also not crashing. In local when that exception comes, ui keeps crashing.

It works fine in dev if we are not opening the messages or going to any other pages in the webapp. Once we open the page, it will stop. This is the only pattern I was able to figure out.