Refresh vaadin application


I wanted to refresh the vaadin portlet in liferay. I have two tabsheets in the vaadin portlet if i click on the second tab and move two some other page it stores the tab which was selected. Is it possible to reload it by clicking on some button so that the original data is displayed… i.e first tab


don’t know if this is the best solution but it is working and i don’t know a better one until now.

the method createComponents is the one that will reset the portlet UI by replacing the old components with new instances.
you have to adjust this method in order to fit your portlet UI.

see attachment for full code of the application class.

it was tested on liferay 6.0.5 and vaadin 6.4.6 (4.41 KB)

Thanks Dirla,

I tried using button click event . But I really dont understand why i get null pointer exception.


I created a simple vaadin portlet and deployed all other Click events works fine, but When I click button it will not perform any operations.


Since you have a simple vaadin portlet will be nice (if is possible) to have your portlet sources, because i’ll could help you directly on your sources.
(I’ll publish full sources of my demo portlet tonight when I’ll be home.)

I attached a simple vaadin portlet for liferay that could help you.

I tested is as hotdeplyable war and also as an external web app via context xml file… ()

Tested on liferay 6.0.5

(sources of the portlet are packed inside the war file into a zip)
11738.war (10.8 MB)

Without having tried the code but based on the stack trace, I would say it is 99% likely that this is caused by a mismatch between the Vaadin JAR version and the widgetset in use. There are many other threads about this as well - make sure your portlet is using the Vaadin version in Liferay, and if you have upgraded it, make sure you have upgraded the shared Vaadin resources (themes and widgetset) in Liferay. If using a custom widgetset, recompile it. Normally, on Liferay, you project should not contain a Vaadin JAR but the build path should refer to the one in the Liferay installation.

The remaining 1% would be using a custom component/widget inheriting Button and no longer compatible with the Vaadin version in use.

Thanks henri solved it

Thanks dirla,

I have solved this Query…