refresh rate enhancement update


is there a refresh rate enhancement on the window in the latest version?

I think there’s a ticket for this specific feature already in the Trac: #4056: Add Window.setRefreshRate to enable automatic UI updates.

I’m using the progress indicator today, looking for cleaner way.

Also, is there a way to see the response to the progress indicator refresh post is timing out? Because if you kill the tomcat server side, it keeps polling forever and causes browser to crash after awhile.


I don’t think such a big change will make it in Vaadin at least before 7.
You can use
the refresher addon
, it feels cleaner than an hidden progress bar…
Or one of the multiple server push addons in the directory depending on your need.

Mathias is correct; there are no plans to include polling or server push into the Vaadin 6 core library. For this, you can use one of the several add-ons in the directory, such as Refresher (for a cleaner polling solution), DontPush or IcePush (for server side push).