Refresh page with progressindicator listener

Hello guys,

I’ve already read several forum-threads that have been created about this task in general but I couldn’t solve my problem so far.

My problem: I want to automatically refresh a Overview-page when a user is on it from time to time (same as if he clicks the overview-button at the menu again and again, just automatically).

I read that it’s necessary to use a indeterminate progressindicator for this, because the polling would update the gui (maybe I missunderstood this point, because it doesn’t work for me)

Now I’m asking myself: Is there a listener that I can attach on this progressindicator and its polling event that gets called every time a polling occures? Because if this is possible I could just place the 4 lines of code to refresh the page inside there.

It would be really great if you could share your knowledge about this task with me :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

The ProgressIndicator doesn’t have an event you can subscribe to. For that functionality check out
add-on from Vaadin directory.

ProgressIndicator just creates requests to the server-side framework and thus allows the client-side engine (browser) to receive changes happening between requests e.g. updates to UI from background thread.

Thanks for your answer. Indeed, I could solve my problem with simple reloading the application with the Refresher Plugin. Especially (!) the second example on the plugin-page (the more real-world example, people who need help should check this example first to understand the plugin) showed me what to do with my listener. Now it works and I can keep my Server in an consistent way, Thanks a lot!