Refresh of browser - Explicit refresh by CTRL+F5


I have been trying out vaadin for a while and stuck at a minor point.
Is it possible to handle browser refresh (F5 button/Refresh Button Click) or CTRL+F5 action. I am trying to figure out this because i need to reset the state of a view and present that view to the user with empty ui fields (namely a copule of textfields).

I know that it is better to use ?restartApplication for this but i just want to refresh the view in a classic way.

One solution i can think of is to capture HTTP requests and check if CTRL+F5 sends a special HTTP header or something and then handle the case accordingly. Is it possible to do so.

Thanks in advance.


You could override Application.getWindow(…) and return a new window instance.

Hi Joonas
Thanks for the reply. I figured out another dirty way of doing this but will try your suggestion asap.
thanks again for the reply.


Can you please let me know …the way u handled