Refresh components in Table after property value change


I have a table that has 3 ComboBoxes (among other components). I need to implement the following behavior (that should not be a problem if the components were not in a Table):

  • ComboBox 1 is enabled, ComboBox 2 & 3 are disabled
  • When a value is selected in ComboBox 1, depending on the value, ComboBox 2 & 3 are enabled. ComboBox 3 is empty (no value list)
  • When a value is selected in ComboBox 2, ComboBox 3 is populated (based on the value of ComboBox 2)

The problem I have is that when you select a value in any of the ComboBoxes the rest of the table components are not updated (table is not refreshed). I can manually trigger the table update by performing any other action on the table, like sorting a column, adding a new row, etc. I need the table to refresh automatically when a component value changes.

Any ideas?

Luis Delgado

The Table won’t update because its contents haven’t changed. It doesn’t whether you disable, enable or populate the ComboBoxes, they are still the same components in each cell and that is all that Table cares about.

Instead of having disabled or empty ComboBoxes, try replacing them with Strings or Labels, then swap them for actual ComboBoxes when necessary.


Your suggestion sounds great, but having invested a lot of time on my current implementation I decided to try another way. I managed to accomplish what I wanted by keeping references to the components in the table within my custom TableFieldGenerator. I then added ValueChangeListeners to trigger the changes in the necessary components.

If have time later I will try your suggestion.



did you solve your problem? If you did I would be very grateful for some tips. My problem is exactly the same but I cannot solve it even basing on description you provided. I use custom TableFieldFactory but table still does not refresh.