ReferenceError in

I’m trying to debug the demo for GridFastNaviagation using superdevmode.

I’ve now managed to compile the application in DETAIL mode (but I’m still not seeing variable names but thats not the issue here).

The problem is that every time I launch the application I get an error in the java console:

ReferenceError x2m_g$ is not defined.

The relevant line is:

static// TODO consider to make this hashmap per application
LinkedList<Command> callbacks = new LinkedList<>();

The stack trace is:

tVd_g$ @
vVd_g$ @
iGc_g$ @
initializeModules_0_g$ @
OI_g$ @
RI_g$ @
(anonymous function) @
CFc_g$ @
(anonymous function) @

I’m running Vaadin 8.1.0

Looking at the Line of code referenced my best guess is tha for some reason the LinkList hasn’t loaded but that seems unlikely.

Code my complie options be wrong:

                    <extraJvmArgs>-Xmx512M -Xss1024k</extraJvmArgs>
                    <!-- You are free to mark this as permanently ignored in Eclipse -->
                            <!-- if you don't specify any modules, the plugin will find them -->

I’m also not certain what controls what happens when the code server starts up and does its own compile?
Does it use the above settings?

I’ve tried adding the following to ecplise launcher for the coder server.

-Xmx4G -Dgwt_style=DETAILED -Dgwt_methodNameDisplayMode=FULL

Either way I can’t imangine that the style options are causing the LinkedList to not be included.