Redirecting from one page to another passing a bean with data

It is possible to redirect from one page to another using a button, while passing some data populated in a form or by selecting an entry from a grid?
i have a Person class and i want to create an appointment from the Appointment class.

In this case i would want to select a person from the grid, it gets populated on the edit form like the flow-crm-tutorial, and have a button with create appointment.

how can i either redirect to a appointmentForm view or popup while at the same time passing the person that is populated on the personForm?
having a drop down to select persons from the database would not be ideal we could have 1000+ entries to the database for persons. if any more info is needed to help me in this case please let me know, as this case could be useful to a lot of people in the future

Yes since Vaadin 23.2 you can pass data: Navigating Between Routes | Routing & Navigation | Vaadin Docs

Thanks i will check this out

by any chance do you know where i can find a working example of this functionality?

The blog post about the Feature contains a simple example - there is no Vaadin magic involved, just plain old calling the method from your other view class

So cool to see that my pull request gets to solve actual problems :sunglasses: Let us know if you need more help with it!

Of course when I get the forms working I’ll let you know here, I’m still deciding on which input type to use for the person, is there a way to get the value from the selected object of a grid and return that value from the grid to a binder?

Grid has a selection change listener where you get the selected value from.

Edit Nvm found the documentation, aparently i cant read.where i can find the documents for that? it seems in the api page does not appear, and i cant find reference of that on the documentation page

The best documentation is the code completion of your favourite IDE tbh :sweat_smile: most methods are pretty straight forward from their naming and doing

yeah kinda figured it, still kinda new to java and vaadin so its always helpful to have somewhere to look for answers

Learning to use your IDE well (not just autocomplete, but javadocs, navigating in code, type hierachy, basic reactoring, debugging) is one of the best things to do to become productive Java developer. It will also help you to learn faster.