Recommended add-on for working with world maps?

I am looking for a component or add-on to display a map of the world with vaadin 7. The only requirement is to highlight countries in different colors and display a legend.

does not support vaadin 7. Any other ideas?


I’d suggest to grab
, draw all countries (I bet you can find coordinates from the internet) and then use some coloring function to adjust countrys color based on your value. Not necessary the most handiest method to setup first time, but once you have it up and runnint, it is probably the most configurable option available.

Another option to consider is to build an addon for
. Should be pretty straightforward to do in a similar manner as we built Vaadin Charts couple of years ago. In case you don’t trust your skills that much, just order it from
our army of experts


Thanks matti,

I was hoping for something easier out of the box because my requirement does not seem terribly exotic to me but I will check out the options you have laid out.

Thanks again,