Rebuilding a widgetset

I am moving code from one Git Repo into a new one. Along the way, I’m updating some of my code, and moving to newer versions of some libraries, including a Vaadin upgrade (from 7.2.x to 7.3.4). I use Eclipse to build my projects - and in this new environment, that is the Luna version.

Rather than just copying my code tree, I have created a new Vaadin 7 project, and then copied the source code from the old repo to the new one. Eclipse then has been used to build a war file. I recompiled the widgetset (I’m including vaadin-chart for the Timeline object. I copied the widgetset directory without changing it…

When I try to run my program, Tomcat fails when it tries to create a chart. The error message is:
“Widgetset com.vaadin.defaultwidgetset does not contain implementation for com.vaadin.addon.timeline. … etc.”

The widgetset did successfully recompile according to Eclipse. I seem to have missed a step somewhere. Can someone enlighten me? What do I need to do to rebuild the widgets used by this program?



Answered my own question… Since I created a new project without using the web.xml file, I needed to add an annotation in the main class of the form:


Now it seems to be working…