Real web page demo?


Have you any kind of demo + tutorial to web page application with many pages, different kind of forms and database etc? If you have, could someone send me a link to that source.
I just would like to check that I am on right track.

I have ToolApplication and it has a ToolWindow. Toolwindow has ToolLayout-class and ToolLayout has different form classes. There is tabsheets, etc In ToolLayout-class, forms logic are in own form-classes and they are using different datasources…Now I have problem to communicate with ToolLayout and forms and I have to carry a lot of parameters between ToolLayout and forms like application, layout, different beans etc.


Hi Sami,

i have searched for some weeks too for a webpage and tutorial but i cant find. Do u have passion to develop a Example page on github?

When u have contact me. :slight_smile:



Sorry Chrissi, I don’t have any extra time for that, but maybe later on February etc. I have done a lot with Struts and the idea in Vaadin is little bit odd to me, different and that’s why I feel that I am NOT using it in correct way and yes, I have used a lot of time with easy and simple things.


ok shame. I understand your problem i have read something about struts and your thinking that u are on a wrong path :slight_smile:
but what u are thinking is your wrong path you have chosen?

btw. therefore i would start a project on Github like a BugTracking system :slight_smile:
have a nice day