ReadonlyException,Textfield, setConvertedValue

I’ve a strange problem.
On a FormLayout I placed a Texfield with Caption

edNetAssets = new TextField("net assets"); edNetAssets.setConverter(BigDecimal.class); selectionLayout.addComponent(edNetAssets); after receiving the data for this field it’s set by

BigDecimal summHa = data.getAssetsOverview().getSummeha(); edNetAssets.setReadOnly(false); if (null != summHa) { edNetAssets.setConvertedValue(summHa); } else { edNetAssets.setValue(""); } edNetAssets.setReadOnly(true); In my understanding this should be correct.
But now when leaving the CustomComponents constructor, it’s added to the main Panel with setContent(component).
The call stack shows me some .attach()es then on the TextField localeMightHaveChanged() is called which itself tries to do a setConvertedValue() on the readonly Textfield which causes the exception.

In localeMightHaveChanged the valueLocale of the first if is null, so it might be a server configuration problem. But if I’m right, at least when the user changes the browser locale, I’ll run into this again.

I’m on Vaadin 7.2.3 running on a JBoss EAP 6.2 on Solaris.
Is there a way to get around this effect. Maybe by fill the values not in the Constructor of the customComponent.

Any hints are welcome

I created
ticket #14400
for this issue.