Read-only setting to false doesn't show required asterisk

I have a form, where fields are required and they can be set as read-only true or false. The read-only state can be changed on-fly. If the component is required and initially was drawn as read-only, the asterisk is not show. If I on-the-fly change the component’s read-only state to false, then the component’s required asterisk is not drawn, however the field is now editable and is required.

How can I fix the issue and show the asterisk when the read-only state is changed to false from true?


I have made tests and I found the same problem. Perhaps only the field element has been redrawn and not its caption. I will undertake more tests and post soon.

If indeed this is the problem and the look of a read-write component depends on whether it was read-only earlier, please
create a ticket