Reaction time for tickets

I’m a bit worried about the fact that I added a bug ticket two weeks ago and didn’t get the smallest reaction yet. It’s not that I expect a fix in this time, but I would at least expect some change in ownership and priority - i.e. a sign that anybody from the Vaadin team has read and sorted the ticket for any kind of treatment. Is this normal/typical?


We read through all the new tickets but not always immediately comment or react to them as we usually are busy with all kinds of tasks. There are a lot of open tickets in the Trac right now so it typically goes so that there is no ticket update (owner/milestone/…) before the ticket is scheduled for a release or somebody starts to actively work on it.

If you want/need prioritized handling of an issue there is always the Pro account which will provide you with that service.

And of course all help is welcome, so feel free to grab a ticket and start working on it :slight_smile:

Hi Artur,

sorry, but I don’t “feel free” to work on a ticket. I am not an expert of the Vaadin internals. And if I would try to become one, I also could start to code my own RIA framework. I use Vaadin because of it’s maturity and because some great experts hide the complexity of different browsers from the problem domain of my own daily work. And if something seems wrong, all I can do is analyze it, write a ticket and contribute a simple and good example. That also takes some hours of investigation and that’s what I’ve done.

As I’ve already written, I don’t expect a solution in a very short time, but I do expect some kind of decent reaction which leads to the impression of a functional ecosystem and that we have chosen the right framework for our own development. I added a bug that is a showstopper for us in using Vaadin 7 with Firefox. So maybe I am right to be concerned that even after 5 weeks I don’t see any kind of progress and begin to think that even in 7.1 there will be no fix for it.