RE: Upgrade 6.2.5 to 6.3.4 failed (screenshots)

You’ve probably already done this, but have you updated your CSS-files (if you’ve extracted them from the jar) and cleared your browser&server cache?

.v-theme-version:after {content:"6_3_4";}

And by the way, Runo works fine. Would be good to have it default, but it unfortunately looks too cartoonish, like for kids and tabs are gigantic, so we prefer Reindeer instead. Very-nice-but-also-non-working Reindeer mod from Jouni is broken as well.

Interesting enough, putting old Reindeer with 6.3.4 Vaadin.jar seems like does not solves the problem. So probably change is somewhere in the Vaadin’s guts, but I am not really sure here.

Looking forward for 6.3.5 :slight_smile:


The best guess I have at this moment is that your CSS has been properly updated, but the sprites are still the old ones. Can you (or have you already) verified that the sprite-images that the server is serving you are indeed the same ones that are included in the 6.3.4 distribution?

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BTW, this Liferay forum works in quite mysterious ways… There was like 7 messages in this thread (started by Bo) yesterday. Today it looks like Risto has started it, and this is all we have.

Apparently you can delete messages, in which case replys may become toplevel. Sigh.

Please don’t delete messages, it’s confusing, and the discussions are often useful for users with similar problems.


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You’re right, if it is possible maybe we should restrict normal users from deleting posts.

Oh, I apologize for that. In fact, I consider that entire thread is bit silly, since it was not Vaadin’s fault. Hence I wanted just kill it. :slight_smile: However, it rendered that I deleted only my message, not entire tree.

I am sorry, I wanted as best as possible, but it happened just like usual…