Rapid UI prototyping

Hello all!

I finally got around to blogging my rapid UI prototyping tool, Toolkitr. It’s something to help you Toolkit users design your UIs until there is a better way of building complex user interfaces. Toolkitr has helped my productivity immensely when prototyping new user interfaces and I thought I’d share it with all other Toolkit users.

The blog entry and download is here

Any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Still waiting for that graphical UI editor though :wink:

Wow! This seems really cool and convinient!

I really have give this one a try, since I’ve had similar anxieties for writing complex layouts with Toolkit.

A quick’n’dirty manual would be nice :slight_smile:

The source is now available from the incubator SVN at http://dev.itmill.com/svn/incubator/Toolkitr/

Please make sure you wear goggles for protection, the code is not as clean as I’d like it to be.


Even better - Jonatan put the Toolkitr proto-tool online:

Thanks again!