RangeValidator null value behavior

The com.vaadin.data.validator.RangeValidator(version 8.0.5) comparator description has the following:

  • Null is considered to be less than any non-null value. This means null
  • never passes validation if a minimum value is specified.

However, the isValid(T value) method starts with:
if (value == null) {
return true;

So, the null values can never reach the comparator code.
Am I reading that wrong or will null values always pass validation?

Don’t know the official answer, but it seems fair that a null value is always valid, and you’d use the “required” attribute if you needed it to have a value, at which time the value would then need to pass your range validator.

I think the design changed at some point during 8.0 development to allow nulls in validators. Presumably the javadoc needs some updating.