Railway + Vaadin deploy

I put my Java SB Vaadin app to GitHub, connect with Railway, build was ok, but after start app wont download vaadin dependencies through npm, it shows skipping npm cause installed, but it failed on error not imported in node_modules. I dont know what is happening behind scenes on Railway or how to fix it? thanks

I don’t know Railway but if this is a server where you can run your app you must create a production build.

mvn package -Pproduction

Read more about Production Build | Deploying to Production | Vaadin Docs

I do prod build all time, on Heroku everythig ok, on Railway I try whatever, deploy is ok, but there is some problem i try discover why it happened

this doesn’t look like a prod build

I just checked out Railway.app

IMO you have to add a build command and activate the production profile

Something like this

./mvnw package -Production

I think it must be

mvn package -Pproduction

Hmmm it doesn’t work

For some reason it doesn’t do a production build

You are missing a “p” in your image (nevermind had to read more :sweat_smile:)

Oh yes that’s indeed the problem!

@persuasive-jellyfish It must look like this

omg Im new to Railway, didnt see this command line, you saved my life guys thaaaanks :smile:

I’ve never used Railway before as well. But it’s always the same issue :sweat_smile: