Questions about load testing with Gatling


we are using Gatling 2.0 to load test our Vaadin Application (7.3.9). We followed the guide in the wiki, but stumbled upon a few problems.

  1. SyncID
    In the wiki-entry, there is a way to parse the VaadinSecurity key, to avoid disabling the XSRF-prevention. Is there a similar way to work around disabling the syncID? There’s nothing listed to that end. It looks like the syncID just increments on each request and response, is this true?

  2. We have tables with buttons in each line. During the test, we want to click some of those. We want the maintainence effort to be as low as possible, so two approaches come to mind:

  • The approach with the custom servlet to use the DebugID as connector ID could work, but that would mean that we have to dynamically generate a (still recognizable) id to click exactly the button that we want.
  • Dynamically parsing the connector IDs from an earlier response and passing it in the appropriate requests.
    Do you know any other ways to achieve this? What is the best practice in this case?
  1. For the SyncId you should be able to explicitly send syncId as -1 in the response to have the server ignore syncId.

  2. Ususally the approach is to have distinct id set to components (component.setId(String id)) that are tested so they can be targeted in tests.