Question: Grid with hiding scrollbars but indication of additional content?

Our grid components on some browsers default to hiding scrollbars (e.g. in MacOS), which is nice and clean… but users complain that there is no visual cue that there is more content in the grid than is available. Is there a way to add some sort of visual cue that the top isn’t row 0 or the bottom visible row is not the last? Same is true for horizontal scrolling.

\u0000Hi! There are state attributes that you can use to adjust the visual styles of the grid. In the default Lumo theme, the top border under the header actually gets just a tiny bit darker when you scroll past the top, but it is very, very subtle, so I won\u2019t wonder why users don\u2019t notice it \uD83D\uDE04\n\nFrom the [API docs]
(\n\noverflow\tSet when rows are overflowing the grid viewport. Possible values: top, bottom, left, right\n\n\nAdd something like this to your grid style sheet:\n\ncss\n:host([overflow~=\"top\"] ) [part~=\"header-cell\"] {\n ...\n}\n\n\nHope this helps!

yes, thanks!