Quarkus CDI not working in Vaadin Flow

I was trying to use Vaadin using Quarkus, but I found CDI issues like Panache, Transactional, Dependency Injection not working properly. I have already added a github issue in the vaadin-quarkus starter project (https://github.com/vaadin/base-starter-flow-quarkus/issues/51). Also if you check the vaadin-quarkus extension project, u will also find there a CDI related issue (https://github.com/vaadin/quarkus/issues/75). Actually, quarkus hot-reload seems perfect and enjoyable for Vaadin applications. That’s why we are planning to use Vaadin with quarkus. Request for checking the issue.

Hi, I added a comment to the issue on quarkus starter repo.
From the posted stack trace it seems that it is not a CDI issue, but an incorrect usage of the injected component.
However, the issue reported on quarks repo is indeed a bug