Putting validation failed icon on empty required fields in a table?


I have a table that has some fields that are required. However, because the table can be uploaded from Excel; some of those fields can be empty. I would like to show the validation failed icon on those fields; including when the table is in readOnly mode. My TableFieldFactory is returning readOnly textFields for the table to use when it’s in readOnly mode; and I’ve created a “RequiredValidator” to check whether the field actually contains data. However, what I’m finding is that the table does not call the validator on fields that are “null”; it only calls it on fields that have data in them. So while the field WOULD fail validition; it doesn’t because validation is never called.

Any ideas?

You could validate the field yourself and set same error indicator manually = tf.setComponentError(new UserError(“This field is required”));

See http://vaadin.com/forum/-/message_boards/view_message/512335#_19_message_514198 too