put items vertical instead of horizontal

for (OAuth2Guild guild : guilds) {
                Avatar avatar = new Avatar(guild.getName(), guild.getIconUrl());
                H5 guildName = new H5(guild.getName());
                H6 userInfo = new H6(guild.isOwner() ? "Owner" : "Administrator");
                VerticalLayout guildInfo = new VerticalLayout(guildName,userInfo);
                Button button = new com.vaadin.flow.component.button.Button(guild.botJoined() ? "Manage" : "Setup");
                button.addThemeVariants(guild.botJoined() ? ButtonVariant.LUMO_PRIMARY : ButtonVariant.LUMO_CONTRAST);
                button.addClickListener(click -> {
                    UI.getCurrent().getPage().setLocation(guild.botJoined() ? Secrets.DOMAIN + "/main?guild=" + guild.getId() : BotWorker.getMoody().getInviteUrl(Permission.ADMINISTRATOR));
                HorizontalLayout name = new HorizontalLayout(avatar, guildInfo, button);

how can i put these items in a veritcal format instead of scrolling horizontal i can scroll veritical

Have you considered adding them to a VerticalLayout?

(I can’t actually see from your code what you’re currently adding them to, since it just says add(name), so I guess they’re added to the view root, but that view root is something too, but we can’t see what that something is)

Well i actually have put it in a vertical layout and it ends up looking really funky for some reason

Let me guess – all squashed together / elements overlapping each other? If so, it’s because the layout is set to 100% height, so it’s force-compressing its contents to fit.

ah I see

if you need a scrolling container other than the whole page (or the whole content area in an AppLayout), you can use a Scroller (and make that 100% height instead of the layout inside it)

oh yeah thanks