Pushstate navigation and back button


i have change the navigation to Pushstate. Now a have the following problem.

A have two views: A Tree-Structure-View to show my data organized in the tree and a detail view.

Before my change to Pushstate i could open the tree, select one data piece, navigate then to the detail view. After pressing the back button, the user see the tree view and the state of the tree was not changed (the last folder selected, all folders open like before). After i changed to Pushstate, pressing the back button in the detail view, results in a full init/reload of the tree structure. It is possible to disable a reload and force Vaadin to show the state of the tree view as before?

Hint: The view change from tree to detail view happens with real links. That means i use the Link-Component and build the detail URL. I don’t know if this is relevant.

I debugged the application: The back button called a method of the tree view i annoted with @PostConstruct although i annoted the view with @UIScoped. Should the view not exists only one time per UI?

The expected behavior is describe in the Vaadin CDI Add-on Tutorial:

Defining a CDI view (annotated with @CDIView as described later) as @UIScoped makes the view retain the same instance when the user navigates away and back to the view.

[CDI Tutorial]