Pushing user updates with (at)Push and Boradcaster Pattern from the documentation

Hello everyone,
I want my app to be able to update different Uis for all users. My idea was to implement different Broadcaster class for every ui I want to update because my views have different type of entities to display. I was trying to do it with the Boradcaster example from the documentation but I get a strange behaviour from the browser with following error:

FlowClient.js:197 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘localName’)

Is there another way to implement a Broadcaster that can get every kind of object and depending on the type of the object the broadcast method does the right thing depending on the type ?

You also seem to have that localName issue in your other thread. Could that be from somewhere in your code? Discord

I figured out that this problem only cones in combination with the virtuallists components. Using the broadcaster pattern with grids is not causing this error on the browser.