Push server + Table + Item.PropertySetChangeNotifier

I have written a sample program to verify operation of the Push server in a Table using a Container that is connected to a model whose data are managed by another thread.
The model manages multiple rows of data from its own thread and it sends events when these are deleted, created or modified rows.
Modification events in a row, do not indicate which field in the row was modified, only that the row has been altered.
All changes are performed on the model and the Container to which it is attached to the model will only receive notification of these changes.

I have created two properties implementing the interface ‘Property’ only.
I have created a Item implementing interfaces ‘Item’ and ‘Item.PropertySetChangeNotifier’ to report changes in some of the properties of the item.
I have created a Container implementing the interfaces ‘Container’ and ‘Container.ItemSetChangeNotifier’ to report that an item has deleted or an item has included.

When the model wants to report that there has been an insertion or deletion of a row an event ‘Container.PropertySetChangeEvent’ is sent to container’s listeners (Table widget).
This notification is made within a block UI.access() and the table is refreshed correctly using the ‘Push manual’.

When the model reports that there has been a modification of a row, an event ‘Item.PropertySetChangeEvent’ is sent to the listeners of the corresponding Item.
This notification is made within a block UI.access() and the table IS NOT refreshed by ‘Push manual’.
I can observe, that do not register any ‘Item.PropertySetChangeListener’ in any Item, so it is impossible to produce any reaction.

Keep in mind that not fire property-level events because my model only manages record-level events.

I have checked that the table receives container events and I read on the forum that also properties events.

Am I making an incorrect implementation of the binding APIs?
Because the table does not process the events of the items?

The code is in the project ‘prueba10’ in this

Direct link to SVN in

Thank you.