PUSH screen loading indicator comes on and never ends

After upgrading to 7.1.2 and trying PUSH (automatic mode), I found several oddities that I’m not sure how to track down. The symptom is that I will press a button, for example, and my notification will be displayed that the action took place (like perhaps saving an object), but after that, the loading indicator kicks in and essentially locks up the application.

Since I have preserveOnRefresh, if I reload the page, then it will appear okay again.

Is there a guide to issues we need to consider when we enable PUSH on an application that isn’t otherwise attempting to use it specifically? Are there any locking issues we need to consider that weren’t present before?

For example, one screen I update will call my main menu to update it’s the list of children under a menu item (to update options based on the new/deleted/updated object). That seems to cause an issue with PUSH enabled, but no issue otherwise. Are their locking issues we have to concern ourselves over?