Push issue under Tomcat when adding Netty dependency to skeleton project

It took me a while to figure out why Push was not working with my project but it was fine with the skeleton-starter-flow-master.

As soon as I add the Netty dependency to the skeleton-starter-flow-master project, the client is flooding the server with requests like this one:


and server is logging tons of

Duplicate resource 2d4b8aab-aaa5-4b75-9b9d-a2d40c221236. Could be caused by a dead connection not detected by your server. Replacing the old one with the fresh one
mars 13, 2018 10:42:32 AM org.atmosphere.cpr.DefaultBroadcaster addAtmosphereResource

Using the skeleton project with PUSH enabled under Eclipse Oxygen.2, Vaadin 10.0.0.beta2 , Tomcat 8.5 and Netty 3.10.6.Final.

No issue with Jetty (mvn jetty:run).

Seems that Netty is conflicting with the Atmosphere Framework.

Any idea ?