Pure html, css, javascript (jQuery)

I am a newbie for Vaadin, but I have problem with jquery dropdown menu (mouse over & mouse out ) which was created for another system, but I have to use same design on our pages(only origin.menu). I have tried Label, CustomLayout, Embebed, but all these ones without success. The problem is that my origin html, js hangs own js events to mouseover & mouse out events onload page, but Vaadin components gets its own js after page onload (by ajax) after prevoius page onload, so my scripts is overloaded.
used Vaadin 7.1
I have readed similar themes on this forum, but not found anything for me…
thank you

Have you tried AbstractJavaScriptComponent?


yes, scripts (jQuery + another ones) are loaded after componend was loaded, but there are problem: no “onload” $(function(){}) functions are called

That is because onload never happens. You need to call the appropriate methods from the connector yourself.

But I must use 3-rd. parties scripts where $(function(){}) have to be executed.
Thank you

Yes, but Vaadin can’t know when or how to call the scripts, you need to do that yourself in your Connector.

See the link I provided, chapter ‘Defining a JavaScript Connector’. Think of the connector as a wrapper between the 3rd party script and your application. Instead of the browser calling onload() on the scripts, you need to do that yourself.

Thank you. I 've correct onload function to common callable, an call by attach() method from my JavaScript Connector, now it works.
Thank you very much