Protovis Piechart and IE8

I am using a UI Component - Protovis wrapper addon to generate pie charts. The pie charts are not getting displayed on IE8 however when I use the compatible view they get displayed. How do I make them display on IE8 without using compatible mode?

There is a bug in this addon-Protovis Wrapper. If a chart is added to the table it does not display the chart on the IE8!


I am also facing the same issue with protovis for spider chart. My application gets hanged when the spider chart component is not rendered.
Aso i could not replicate this behaviour…ie at times it is getting rendered and at times it is not getting rendered.
Kindly help me with this…

Thanks you.

Hello Shankari,

The protovis works when the IE8 runs in compatible mode. Check if you are running it in compatible mode. Also clear your cache, probably its getting loaded at times because it was cached earlier.


Hello Madz,

Ohh ok…ya i am running it in compatabile view…
Can anybody give some suggestions of doing the spider chart in vaadin…Is any addons available other than protovis?? or is there any other way to do it??

Thanks and Regards,
Shankari G R

There is VaadinVisualisations, JFreeChartWrapper and Invient charts. I am not sure which one of these have spider chart though.