PropertyChangeSupport not integrated in Vaadin?


I am newbie in Vaadin and am exploring some of its capabilities.

I am trying to create an Invoice class and UserCase where the field totals wiithout taxes , upon a valuechange updates the field totals with taxes (and of course the domain classes as well).

Since this is a desirable logic from a cross-plattform perspective I created a property (JavaBean property) for those members where I must listen to value changes.

Since Vaadin seems so powerful I expected that the Item, when binding the data to the component would automatically check if the class has PropertyChangeSupport, and if so it would register the correspondent PropertyChangeListener to request the component to be repainted automatically in case a change was comitted on that property. That would save tones of ValueChangeListeners implementations in the user case files.

So far I am only able to reach such behavior by means of a ValueChangeListener in the affected fields in the usercase.

It works fine, but would be far better if it all was done automatically.

Does anyone know if there is any progress on that, or if possible, let me know which is the class responsible for doing the binding itself? I guess it is BeanItem.class, since I guess that’s the one inspecting the fields. So basically what I would do is that when attaching the properties in the BeanItem I would register a PropertyChangeListener to those where a JBProperty in the domain class has been attached.

Hope my question is clear.

Many thanks in advance.