Properties Table

Is there any work being done on adding a Properties Table component to Vaadin?


Could you please be a bit more specific - what exactly do you mean under the PropertiesTable, cause I’ve never even heard that there might something under such a title. But seems like there could be smth that could fulfill your needs.


Most IDE’s make use of Property Tables.

Example Java component;

I have also attached an image of one.

Yeah, such functionality might be fancy, something like grid plugins/subgrid… Unfortunately, you cannot get it out of the box right now. However, I think it could be implemented as a server side component. As an outline to start - I would consider either the whole view or each of its parts to be a Form and the Collapse/Expand functionality can be achieved with
add-on, for instance. In order to make the things look like a table, I’d use the CssLayout as a layout for the form. For making your life easier with the implementation of the form/forms, I would also recommend to evaluate the
add-on, that would allow to play with layouts with a greater flexibility.


Sorry for necroposting, but the theme seems to be interesting to me.

I’m trying to implement such Properties Table, similar to screenshot posted above, or the

A have looked around for useful addons, but didn’t find something really helpful.

Now I’m trying to implement Properties Table by extending Form component in order to be able to use common Datasources and because the Form’s default layout seems to be similar to the Properties Table’s one. Then I plan to use some CSS magic to make Form looks like Properties Table.

What do you thing?
May be extending Table - the better way, or may be I’ve missed some helpful addon?

Thanks in advance for any comments.

Look at
Open Visual Designer Demo
for something useful.