Proper usage of ParameterHandler.handleParameters? (StreamResource issue)


i somehow managed to get unexpectedly stucked on a rather trivially looking issue. 8o

I normally use
handler registered to main application window for the purpose of intercepting URL parameters and handling application entry and re-entry logic. Which is pretty common, right?

It all worked like as expected until i started to make use of
(own subclass and ImageFilter add-on from repository). The thing is now handleParameters gets extra call for each StreamResource GET from client (parameter map = empty) which effectively ruins my efforts to handle application entry / re-entry moments as by now there does not seem to be possible to distinguish actual URL changes by user in browser from events triggered by StreamResource.

My application/servlet URL mapping and usage is like this:

WEB-ROOT/MyApp   <-- parameter map = empty, collides with StreamResource event
WEB-ROOT/MyApp?startupArg=value   <-- is ok, distinguishible by designated arg
WEB-ROOT/MyApp/APP/streamedResource1.png   <-- parameter map = empty, collision with application entry
WEB-ROOT/MyApp/APP/streamedResourceN.png   <-- parameter map = empty, collision with application entry
WEB-ROOT/VAADIN   <-- Common Vaadin stuff, not in collision

Perhaps an easy solution exists there, but I can’t figure it out. Anybody knows?