Propagation of drag Event


I want to realize the following use of your new drag and drop feature:

I have a grid layout with panels inside that i can switch between them by dragging one over another one.
This is easily done using your example of wrapper component.

Let’s complicate a bit : now inside each panel I have a label wrapped and i want to be able to drag one label from panel 1 to panel 2 anywhere on this panel and receive a drop event.

So in this problem, I have a dragAndDropWrapper (the one of the panel) containing another dragAndDropWrapper (the one of the label).

I can drag and drop panels but the label inside the panel 1 can’t be dragged… in fact it is the panel 1 which is dragged…

In the Z-axis, The label is the uppermost so is there a way for it to be the target of the drag before the underlying panel ?

Any idea to do this requirement ?